Fact Check-Finnish government letter accusing Biafran separatist of international terrorism is fabricated


A letter accusing a Finnish-Nigerian lawyer of “an act of international terrorism” which appears to be signed by Finland’s prime minister is a fake, according to a government spokesperson and the addressee himself.

The fabricated letter, dated Feb. 15 and topped with the Finnish government emblem, is addressed to Simon Ekpa (yle.fi/a/74-20018695), a Biafran separatist based in Finland (here), (here), (here).

Signed off by “Sanna Mirella Marin”, the name of Finland’s prime minister, the note says Ekpa has committed “an act of international terrorism” for encouraging people to boycott the Feb. 25 presidential election in Nigeria (read more about the election (here), (here)). It says Ekpa has 48 hours to reverse course or be arrested and charged.

But a Finnish government spokesperson told Reuters via email: “The image being circulated does NOT show an authentic letter from Finland’s prime minister.”

Ekpa also reacted to the letter on Twitter (here).

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